UMass Boston Office of Student Leadership and Community Engagement

A Poem

In Kadeem on August 2, 2011 at 6:53 pm

Hey guys it’s Kadeem. I’m just here in the office trying to go home, but this rain…ugh! Too bad, because it seemed like National Night Out was going to be a blast :(. But hey, you know what they say about rain? (Well, what I think what “they” say about rain that is) It brings out thought provoking emotion and deep thought. So, in this wet, damp, and humid atmosphere let me aerate the mood a little bit.

“Being you, Doing you, Self-identification, Self-Relating, A constitution for yourself and by yourself, All in all one word wraps it up, Individualism, Knowing your faults and fortes, More say on this topic and how the course plays, Individuality does not mean individually, Hopefully helping hands reach down with each own idea of aid, help, or dispatch, when your fall seems near, Each hand has it’s own clear cut path of “I’m here”, Point blank you are your own boss, But have others to have an input, As I am my own boss and you have your own outlook, Now look out, Literally look out upon each others faces and race, The pacing hearts relate, While others differ, But that is the “be don’t” beauty of your own world, You don’t have to subject to subjects, seminars, and lessons of how to live your life, Live your wonder, Live your strifes, My words are only of me, Maybe you feel the same ideal but you ideas of how to relate might reveal something of your own, But hey one part of me being a poet is to know that everyone’s has its own zone, So hone the skill of determining more, Or don’t because regardless the choice is yours” – O.K. (b.k.a. Kadeem)

To everyone out there clicking away, I hope this brought a little bit of Vitamin D on your cloudy evenin–oh…look! Sun’s out! Oops, my bad! Well either way I hope you guys enjoyed it. Peace!


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